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Lilypad Project

The Lilypad Project was adopted by Busy Bee Art Foundation in 2016.  Busy Bee Art Studio has donated 65 Lilypads to a local hospital.  The goal is to donate to all hospitals in the State of Nevada by the end of 2019.


The Lilypad was the dream of a 17 years old cancer patient named Nick Konkler.  Nick didn't live long enough to see his idea come to life.  Nick's legacy will live on.  Busy Bee Art Studio is proud to continue his legacy.  Simple solution to bring smiles to kids that are in treatment.  The wooden Lilypad shaped attachment goes on it the IV poles given kids mobility by riding on at the halls ways of the hospital.

 Busy Bee Art Foundation draws operating funds from art classes, art parties, fundraising and most importantly generous donations by companies and individuals.        


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